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  • Hari Sharma / India

    Hari Sharma / India

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  • Whatcom County Field Trip

    Whatcom County Field Trip
    These are just a few of the photos from our field trip to Whatcom County.
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  • Hari Sharma / India

    Hari Sharma / India

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  • SA 317 Field Trip

    SA 317 Field Trip
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  • Beautiful Vancouver

    Beautiful Vancouver
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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

"Ways of Seeing, Ways of Becoming" video credits 

Are you interested in knowing more about the world we live in? Why are some people poor and others rich? What are the differences between men and women? How does culture shape our ideas? What are the causes, and solutions to social problems in today's society? [read more]

Undergraduate Course Offerings

Visit SFU Career Services' information on career opportunities in Sociology and Anthropology.

The Dossa Family Undergraduate Scholarship



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Ann Travers awarded large SSHRC Insight Grant. Title: Gender vectors of the GVA: using video games technology to assess social safety nets for transgender and gender nonconforming children and youth.


Jillian Deri's new book release by University of Toronto Press: "Love’s Refraction; Jealousy and Compersion in Queer Women’s Polyamorous Relationships."  Jillian graduated from the department with a PhD in sociology.

Efe Gürcan's article The Nonprofit-Corporate Complex published in Monthly Review, Volume 66, Issue 11, pp. 37-54. ISSN: 0027-0520. Can. 2015. The article is accessible on the library database (Academic Search Premier-EBSCO)., Efe Gurcan is a sociology PhD graduate student in the department.

  'Challenging Neoliberalism at Turkey's Gezi Park: From Private Discontent to Collective Class Action' co-authored by Efe Can Gurcan and Efe Peker (PhD candidates in the department). Palgrave McMillian, 2015.


Cristina Moretti (PhD graduate in anthropology) published her book, Milanese Encounters: Public Space and Vision in Contemporary Urban Italy (University of Toronto Press).   

Jie Yang's article Informal Surrogacy in China: Embodiment and Biopower in Body Society 2015; 21:90-117 doi:10.1177/1357034X14539357

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